Social media has been part of our lives for so long now. No matter if it will be Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, those services are taking a big part of our day. Only a few are completely out of social media, which in my opinion is really hard.

I’ve been trying to get out of social media completely but that’s an impossible goal to achieve for me. Every time I go and delete my apps from my phone, I go back within weeks and install it again. It feels so bad, like a drug.

A few weeks ago I…

You’ve probably heard that ImmutableJS is really cool to use. Though, you’re still waiting for the appropriate moment when you’re going to include it in your project. Every time you start thinking of such a big refactor in your code, you’re like “Aah, I’ll put it in the backlog and I’ll come back to it later”.

With this blog post I’ll show you how ImmutableJS makes your code prettier and life easier and you’re going to say to yourself: “Oh my god, I need this NOW!”.

How do things look like in ImmutableJS?

You know that in JavaScript you have Object {} and Array []. In ImmutableJS…

2019 is an amazing time to be an Android dev. And, with so much innovation and progress that Android has recently made, it is one of the hottest technologies to be a part of. Recent advances in Kotlin, Android Things, etc makes it overwhelming for a newbie dev to consume the right information and move forward in a direction.

So, I thought of writing this guide after pretty much going through the same patch in early 2017. Hope this guide helps you be the Android dev you wanted to be in 2019.

Let’s start with the basics first.

Get started with Android development

  1. Learn basic…

I haven’t written in a while, no matter that I said to myself “I want to start a blog and write at least every month”. That was because I didn’t have clear priorities for 2017 and it was like doing random stuff in all aspects of my life when there was a motivation and after that the motivation suddenly disappeared and I moved to a different thing. The same happened with the blog. …

“I have to tell a story? No way.”

That was my first reaction when storytelling came to me in many different ways. I thought that writers are people who were born with extraordinary writing skills and they started writing from the moment they found a pen. But suddenly I realised that writers are people just like me, but there was only one big difference. They HAVE tried writing and I HAVE NOT.

My name is Aleksandar and this will be my first blog post ever in my life. It was really difficult experience because I haven’t stop thinking for 24…

Aleksandar Ginovski

Passionate about entrepreneurship and SaaS products. Travel lover and technology addict.

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